About Us

Family Owned and Operated since 1998

Story About Us!

Cedar Creek Taxidermy is owned and operated by Sam Hill in Breckenridge, Texas.  Breckenridge sits between Abilene and the DFW area in Stephens County; an area rich in oil, fishing, and especially hunting – both for birds and deer. Sam has been a taxidermist since 1998 and the business has seen steady growth over the years creating lasting memories for hunters near and far.

Sam and his children Brooklyn and Austin are all hunters and enjoy hunting together as a family both on their own leases and on special trips all over the country.

“Being avid hunters ourselves, we realize the importance and cost of your trophy.  After having invested time and money on your hunt, the constant reminder will be your mount on the wall.  In this regard, choosing an artist to accurately recreate your trophy is of the highest importance.  Whether it is your son’s first buck, or a once in a lifetime safari, we treat every animal as if it were our own.”

“All of our hides are professionally tanned, and we use only the finest materials in our mounts and displays.  We encourage you to sit down with us to plan exactly how you would like your trophy displayed.  Remember, you and your family will be looking at your mount for years to come, and it deserves the best.  While our prices are competitive, our quality is above the rest.  Contact us today and you won’t be disappointed!”